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Sustainable economic growth throughout the Sun Valley Region

Our Mission

Preserve and advance the Sun Valley region’s economic vitality and diversity while recognizing the values of the community.

Dedicated to creating a thriving diversified, year-round economic for the Sun Valley Region

Our Economic Ecosystem

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Community Roundtable 1Q 2023

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q1 round table agenda: Welcome / Intros: Guy Cherp, SVED Board Chair & Cox Communications Roundtable 1: State of Blaine Part A Harry Griffith, moderator Roundtable 2: LOT for Housing & Air, Wendy Jaquet moderator Speaker: Idaho Legislative update, Ned Burns Raffle Networking

State of Blaine Economy, VSV Homeowner’s Survey & SLWR Health System Update

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We hope you are able to attend our next Quarterly Forum, “State of Blaine Economy, VSV Homeowner’s Survey & SLWR Health System Update” on June 29th from 5-7 pm at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum Idaho.